Wielders of fear

from by Violblast

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As the writings say, you know your fate, you know your end
Divine compulsion a higher purpose
Intimidate the heathen man, eradicate the christian stain
Vindictive men cry out for a backlash
Worldwide cleansing, imposition of my faith
You will see my flag upon your soil
Actions of hostility, the enemy I am
Intolerant identity, the flames of war will rise again

In the name of god
Towards war we march
Wielding fear upon our enemies
No mercy, no hesitation
Wielding fear upon your pathetic world

Conquer, divide, kill everything's in sight
Attrition warfare in our homeland, silent massacre
Exemplary punishment to keep the fear alive
The holy law will be restored, resurgence of the one
Must protect the image of the prophet
Must preserve the honour of our legion
Throughout this war your monuments will fall
From every book your history erased

Defiling, destroying, beheading, killing
Piercing frontiers to proclaim our kingdom come
Ancient creed of hate will dominate

( Solo: Sebas/Santi )

Blood on your hands
As you watch the catastrophe taking it's toll
You've got blood on your hands
As the blood of the innocents waters the soil
Blood on your hands
Corpses rest beneath the wreckage
Blood on your hands
and the wound remains unhealed


from Conflict, released November 25, 2016




Violblast Figueres, Spain

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